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What is Shop Basket Asia?

Asia Basket Store is a store that specializes in providing all that customers need, including Korean, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian food products, frozen products, and others, at discounted prices, high quality, and exclusive offers. It also allows you to browse dozens of products and shop what you need from them with a click of a button. The Asia Basket store is your gateway to experiencing the most famous food products in the world with ease and from your home, and it also allows you to deliver fast delivery of up to one day only.

What distinguishes the Asia Basket store?

-High quality products

-Fast delivery service

-Customer service around the clock

-Periodic discounts and offers

-Free returns

-Safe payment methods

Are all offered products available for order?

Yes, all offered products are available to order.


?How can I register in the Asia Basket store

How to register on the site

First: Click on the “New Registration” icon at the top of the screen.

Second: Fill in your personal information and click on the "Continue" icon.

Thus, you become a member of the site and you can enjoy the privileges of membership.


What is the delivery time for the order?

The order will arrive within 24 hours of completing the payment process.